Apple Crumble

Everyone knows that apple crumble is a very popular dessert. It's a really comforting dessert especially for in the winter but enjoyed at anytime of the year! Many people love the crumble topping the most - my sister can eat a bowl of the topping just on its own! So in this recipe I use … Continue reading Apple Crumble


Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

Terry's Chocolate Orange is a very loved chocolate in this house so i decided to create a cheesecake using this delicious chocolate. This light, marbled cheesecake has a lovely soft creamy texture that contrasts with the sudden crunch from the hidden chocolate segsations and of course no cheesecake is complete without a thick buttery biscuit … Continue reading Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

Berry Parfait

Nutritious, delicious and refreshing! this breakfast recipe is the perfect summer indulgence that is packed with vitamins. Best served in clear glasses so you can see the layers the these can even be used as a light dessert. Berries combined with Greek yoghurt topped with granola - the textures in these pots are amazing! From … Continue reading Berry Parfait