Fudgy Rocky Road

If you’ve seen my recent post Malteser Traybake you’ll know that I’ve just found a way to stop  chocolate/butter mixture splitting which has plagued me for years! I’ve constantly tried to make rocky road to no success due to the mixture splitting but now I’ve found a solution I was desperate to attempt rocky road again.

My sister recently got braces though and struggles to bite into anything hard. She struggled to bite the malteser traybake so I wanted to find away to make it softer.

My solution = condensed milk!

The addition of the condensed milk makes the mixture soft and fudgy that’s easy to bite into (it does, however, make it extremely rich!).

For the add ins I just used what I had in my kitchen cupboards. You can customise rocky road however you like.


Fudgy Rocky Road

Makes a large batch


·         400g chocolate

·         1 can (397ml) condensed milk

·         100g butter

·         150g mini marshmallows or large marshmallow, quartered

·         150g biscuit (any kind, I used Cadbury fingers)

·         50g sultanas or raisin

·         200g optional extras (e.g. smarties, nuts, dried fruit, fudge etc) 



1.       Line 2 loaf tins with greaseproof paper or tin foil.

2.       In a heatproof bowl over a simmering pan of water melt the butter.

3.       Once butter is melted, add in the condensed milk and stir to combine.

4.       Remove from the heat and stir in 200g chocolate, then return to a low heat and add the remaining chocolate. Heat until melted and combined.

5.       Remove from the heat then quickly stir in the marshmallows, biscuit, raisins and any extras.

6.       Quickly pour into the tins then level with a knife. Chill until firm

Hints and Tips:

  • I use Cadbury or galaxy chocolate when making this. Its better to use something a bit more expensive than just own brand chocolate
  • You can put into rocky road whatever you like – sometimes its best just to use what’s in your cupboards and make up different combinations!
  • I topped mine with some leftover ganache I had but this does make it even more sickly!



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