Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a very loved chocolate in this house so i decided to create a cheesecake using this delicious chocolate.

This light, marbled cheesecake has a lovely soft creamy texture that contrasts with the sudden crunch from the hidden chocolate segsations and of course no cheesecake is complete without a thick buttery biscuit base.

Cheesecake is very popular in my house but 3 out of 4 of us don’t like cream. fair enough in cheesecake its easily disguised but it makes it very sickly for me so I’ve been trying to find an alternative.

I’ve tried a few times now to make a cheesecake using Greek yoghurt instead of cream with gelatine to help it set. they’ve worked but never to the standard I’ve wanted. in the past I’ve used just normal supermarkets own Greek yoghurt and it never sets to the firmness I would like. after a lot of thinking I thought about using Fage yoghurt – an incredible thick Greek yoghurt that holds on its own.

This time the cheesecake worked perfectly! its got a firmness to it that cheesecake is known for and its delicious – no compromise on taste! of course with using yoghurt instead of cream this does also make it lighter and healthier so you can indulge a bit more.


Terrys Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

8-12 portions




300g biscuit – digestive, rich tea etc

150g butter, melted

10 chocolate orange segsations, plus extra for decoration


500g fage yoghurt

500g Philadelphia cream cheese

100g icing sugar

4 leaves gelatine

50ml cold water

Zest and juice of a small orange

Terrys chocolate orange (leave 5 segments for the top)



1.       Crush the biscuits until fine breadcrumbs then mix in the melted butter.

2.       Press in to the bottom of a springform or push pan cake tin.

3.       Roughly chop the chocolate orange segsations (using all different flavours) and scatter on top of the base

4.       Whisk the icing sugar and cream cheese together

5.       In a heat proof bowl soften the gelatine in the 50ml of water (3-5 mins) then melt over a low heat until no lumps remain.

6.       Fold the yoghurt into the cream cheese mixture with the gelatine until all combined. Divide the mixture into 2 bowls.

7.       Mix the orange zest and juice into one of the cheesecake mixtures

8.       Melt the chocolate orange segments over a low heat then mix into the other cheesecake mixtures

9.       Place alternating spoonsful of both mixture on top of the base until all used up. Shake the tin a little to get the mixture level.

10.   Take a cocktail stick a swirl the 2 cheesecake mixtures together until you have a nice swirled effect.

11.   Chill in the fridge to set, preferably for 8 hours.

12.   Just before serving place a chocolate orange segsation where each portion will be then place the 5 segments in the centre.

13.   Cut then serve!



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