Malteser Traybake

This yummy traybake is supposed to be extremely easy to make but I’ve always struggled at the first step – melting the chocolate with butter and syrup. The mixture splits leaving me with a mass of solid lumpy chocolate on the bottom and an oily layer on top – unusable!

After a lot of research and failed attempt I now know why this happens and how to prevent it.

The problem is butter has a higher melting point than chocolate meaning it needs to be heated to a higher temperature for it to melt. This is a bad thing for chocolate as it can split if overheated.

Solution – melt separately! This prevents the chocolate from getting overheated and more likely to prevent it splitting.

So I attempted it this way and it finally worked! I made it into a malteser traybake – a very common traybake for cake sales etc. and easy to make with kids.

Give this a try and see how it turns out!


Malteser Tiffin

Makes 9 large or 16 small pieces



·         100g butter

·         2 tbsp. golden syrup

·         400g chocolate (split into 2 lots of 200g)

·         150g biscuit (I used rich tea biscuits)

·         120g Maltesers

·         300g white chocolate



1.       In a heat proof bowl combine the butter and golden syrup over aa pan of simmering water and melt over a low heat.

2.       In another heat proof bowl break up 200g of the chocolate

3.       In a zip lock bag place the biscuits inside then using a rolling pin smash into pieces

4.       Once the bitter and syrup is melted and combined, pout onto the broken 200g chocolate and start stirring (this should hopefully stop the mixture splitting)

5.       Then place back over the low heat and add the remaining 200g chocolate. Continue stirring until melted.

6.       Remove from the heat and pour in the contents of the zip lock bag and the Maltesers (leaving a few for the top)

7.       Tip into the prepared pan and press down evenly.

8.       Melt the white chelate in a Bain Marie over a low heat until melted.

9.       Pour over the Malteser base and spread it over evenly.

10.   Scatter a few Maltesers over the top then leave to set.

11.   Cut into squares then enjoy!



  • Use good quality chocolate especially for the first 200g of chocolate
  • melt slowly over a really low heat and stir continuously when the chocolate has been added
  • You can cut big or small pieces depending on what you want but it can be a bit sickly

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