Peach Eton Mess

IMG_9512Looking for a healthy but indulgent dessert that screams summer? look no further because this peach eton mess made using non fat yoghurt is the perfect meal to finish off a meal on a summers evening.

At the weekend I wanted to make something with peaches but wasn’t sure what. I had some meringues left from my Eton Mess Traybake which got me thinking about combining the 2 together. I use yoghurt as a few people in my family aren’t huge fans of cream so the yoghurt was the alternative plus its healthier as well. I also added the amaretti biscuits which compliments the peaches extremely well. The crunch from the amaretti biscuits, combined with the sweetness from the meringues and the freshness of the peaches mixed with the yoghurt, creates the perfect balance of different textures that leaves you wanting more.

Try this recipe on the next sunny day and indulge yourself in a treat with the knowledge that its actually good for you!IMG_9515

Peach Eton Mess

Serves 4


• 1 tub (500g) vanilla yogurt
• 5 ripe peaches – stoned and sliced
• 4 meringue nests or homemade meringues
• 4-8 amaretti biscuits


1. Chop 1 peach up and place it into a blender and blend until its turned into a puree.
2. Add a little of the yoghurt and blend again until combined.
3. Pour the rest of the yoghurt into a bowl then mix in the peach puree until thoroughly combined.
4. Place some of the chopped peaches into the bottom of a dessert bowl then crush a bit of the meringue and an amaretti biscuit on top.
5. Top off with some of the yoghurt mixture.
6. Repeat adding each addition (leaving a few slices of peach to decorate the top) until you’ve either filled the glass or your ingredients are used up.
7. Place the few slices of peach on top and serve immediately.

These are best eaten straight away as the meringue and biscuit will go soft.


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