Crème Egg Scotch Eggs


 Following on from yesterdays brownie recipe, I’m posting my recipe for crème egg scotch eggs.

This recipe is for the sweet version of a scotch egg – a classic for an English picnic or a lunchtime treat. Rich chocolate brownie encasing a (mini) creme egg dipped in chocolate then rolled in biscuit crumbs.

This indulgent treat is a must bake for the Easter season – everyone knows crème eggs are a tell-tale sign of Easter. It’s quite sickly especially if you’re using the normal sized eggs so it’s definitely for the sweet lovers out there.

It’s a simple to make recipe (but very messy!) and will be devoured quickly!

I use crushed biscuits in this recipe as I think it replicates the outside of a savoury scotch eggs but some people use crushed flakes. I personally think biscuits give it an added crunch. Use whichever you prefer




·         1 batch brownie recipe

·         6 normal sized crème eggs or 12 mini crème eggs (you’ll need 2 bags)

·         300g chocolate, melted

·         150g crushed biscuits or flakes



·         60g butter

·         100g icing sugar

·         10g cocoa powder



1.       Make the buttercream – combine the buttercream ingredients together until smooth. Set aside.

2.       In a food processor, whizz the brownie up until it’s in tiny pieces – it might all combine together and that’s fine!

3.       Add the buttercream to the brownie and whizz again until all combine – it should form into a ball a bit like pastry does

4.       Divide the mixture into 6 if using the normal sized creme eggs or 12 if using mini crème eggs.

5.       Squash each piece between your hands to create a flat disk, place your (big or small) crème egg into the centre of the disk and wrap the mixture around it, rolling between your hands to create a ball.

6.       Place onto a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper

7.       Place in the freezer for at least half an hour – you need to make sure they’re really cold so they stay together when dipped in chocolate.

8.       Crush the biscuits into breadcrumbs (you can do this using a rolling pin) then pour the biscuit pieces onto a wide plate

9.       Take the balls out of the freezer and one by one dip them into the melted chocolate using a spoon or fork to turn them over then carefully lift, letting excess chocolate to drip off, before placing them in into the biscuit crumbs and rolling it around with a spoon until fully coated in the crumbs. See the tip below.

10.   Gently lift it onto a greaseproof lined tray then place into the fridge to chill before eating.

Tip for rolling them in the biscuits – reserve some of the biscuit crumbs when pouring them on the plate so you can sprinkle some on top then using a spoon press some of the crumbs up against the sides. This helps to cover the balls so they’re not as sticky when you roll them.


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