Basic Fudge Brownie Recipe

For my first blog post I thought I’d do a firm favourite in my house – my chocolate brownie recipe! This is one of the recipes everyone’s always asking for and one I recently made so thought it would make a great first post.

This is my go-to brownie recipe which I use as a base to create different variations. This recipe is the softest brownie I’ve found and all my family love it. It’s got a rich chocolate taste with a fudgy texture that makes it so soft. There is so many variations you can make using this recipe – chuck in some crushed Oreos and fudge and you have Oreo fudge brownies, make them into crème egg scotch eggs or take them out when they’re still a bit wet in the middle and you have a gooey brownie dessert.



Will make 16 squares

Oven – 160°c


·       185g butter

·       185g chocolate

·       85g plain flour

·       40g cocoa

·       3 large eggs

·       275g caster sugar

·       Chocolate chips or add ins




1.    Place butter and chocolate in a saucepan and melt gently*. Leave mixture to cool.

2.    Whisk eggs and sugar together until thick and creamy (about 5 min). The mixture should leave a trail when lifted.

3.    Pour the chocolate mixture into egg mixture and fold in.

4.    Combine cocoa with flour then sift into chocolate mixture. Gently fold until just combined.

5.    Stir in chocolate chunks or add ins then pour mixture into a lined tin.

6.    Bake for 25-30 mins.

7.    Leave to cool completely before cutting.




Brownies will last up to 4 days in an airtight container.

*when melting chocolate with butter do it over a low heat as it can split really easily. If it does for the purpose of this recipe it will still be okay to use. Just continue on to the next step.


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